A bit of an Introduction

A bit of an Introduction

Kelemon Moreno May 23, 2019

Maryam Shirazi is the Operating Manager at Toronto Creative Writing Services.

Here is how she describes herself:

I am a multicultural being. I realize my strengths through actions and strengthen my weaknesses through practice. I am a creative entity and my best tools are a pen and paper. I express myself through writing because it is the only untouched, unseen and un-judged method of self-acknowledgement. I have literally created my life through words on a piece paper they become my own bible. I belong to many cultures in this sense: I am half Persian and half Venezuelan, born in Toronto, I was raised in Venezuela and of a Muslim/Christian family. Because of this innate feeling of confusion, I identify myself within the perimeters, norms, attitudes and aptitudes of many cultures and communities. It has not only being my racial background but my socio-economic background as well. Ironically, in Venezuela we sustained a life of luxury while in Canada we sustain a minimum economic level in Toronto! It has been quite a rollercoaster; however, these changes have nothing but strengthened my vocation as a writer, investigator and over-achiever.

I am an extrovert with the ability to become an introvert if desired and necessary. I conduct my life and take each step after and based on meditation and inspiration from successful teachers and mentors. I oppose systemic barriers since they, in my opinion, create more power structures detrimental to those of lesser means and invigorating to only a very few. Additionally, I believe the way of life that is driven by power compliancy do not allow for creativity or liberation of the self but to restriction of the human species collectively and individually. I attempt to break these barriers through research and writing. Since I gain knowledge, which I think is the most powerful innate tool we can acquire in this life, through vision, I study my surroundings including different cultures, races, and religions, socio-economic and educational backgrounds with the aim at dissecting their ways of life. I study all the basic barriers: oppression, prejudice, homelessness, poverty, race, and so much more. I also focus on parenthood, teenage-hood, childhood that can attribute towards this power struggle I so much hate fighting against.

Here are her qualifications and experience (with many details left out because of page restrictions!).

  • Highlights
  • Master’s of Psychology, Health Sciences
  • York University
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Culture and Expression.
  • York University, Toronto, ON. Honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
  • York University, Toronto, ON. Associates Degree in Criminology.
  • Prince Georges Community College. Maryland, U. S. (2001)
  • Post-secondary education in Psychology with an emphasis on Social, Clinical and Developmental Psychology
  • Ten years as a practicing child and youth mediator and counsellor
  • Five years of experience organizing and managing social services focus groups such as SAY-NO-TO-ADVERTISING and MOTHERHOOD EMPOWERMENT
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English and spoken and written Spanish
  • Sound knowledge of social services, laws and programs available in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Thorough understanding of the systemic reasons for homelessness
  • Certified in crisis intervention, conflict resolution and posses excellent communication, interpersonal, organizational, problem solving, leadership, decision making, and teaching skills
  • Strong willingness to help those who have not been served faithfully by the social system with a strong intent to find solutions to their problems
  • Computer skills: MS Office Application, Statistical Analysis programs (SPSS), Internet and E-mail






WORK EXPERIENCE Community Worker. Volunteer.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Toronto, ON.

Teachers Assistant. Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. York University, Toronto, On. Research Volunteer. Centre for Human Rights. York University, Toronto, ON.

Support the values of the Center for Human Rights by volunteering in conferences, meetings and rallies.

Assist with the Inclusion Day Conference. Participate with movements towards the end of violence against women by creating artistic figures of women who have died as a result of injustices throughout the years Silent Witness Project. Participation was celebrated through an article in the Y-File (York Universitys Magazine) and the Sexual Assault Survivors Support Hotline website (yorku. ca/SASSL). Member of the Respect & Inclusivity: Awareness Tutorial (RIAT) Focus Group. Administrative Assistant. Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies. York University, Toronto ON. Research Assistant. Atkinson Faculty, The KNOWLEX Project. York University, Toronto, ON.

Identified the research of a faculty member and worked to locate a community stakeholder that was interested in the application of the research in the workplace. Summarized the faculty members scholarly research publication to make it accessible to the community stakeholder and a wider audience, by highlighting the purpose, method, findings and significance of the research. Conceptualized context-appropriate venues, participants and activities for the dialogue event. Attended to details that facilitated the dialogue between the faculty member and the community stakeholder. Developed interview questions to prompt, and support, dialogue that benefited each party. Prepared a final report that critiqued the KNOWLEX process, successes and challenges, and that offered recommendations for future dialogue events.

Community Member Activist.

Community and Legal Aid Services Programme York University, Toronto ON. High School Student Mentor. Westview Secondary High School. Toronto, ON. Applied Behavioral Analyst. Christian Horizons. Toronto, ON. Assistant Librarian. Scott Library. York University, Toronto, ON. Student Organization Volunteer. Student Leadership and Development Program York University, Toronto, ON. Community Worker. Primero Justicia University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela 2006


  • Certificate as Flamenco Dance Instructor.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Training.
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training.
  • Reducing the Risk Training.
  • Person-Center Support Training.
  • Key Values Training.
  • First Aid and CPR Training.

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